Mirror by Dark Moon

Mirror di Dark Moon https://thedragonflysflight.blogspot.com/2019/01/blog-post_57.html

The words, his craft of silence
Burrow, of despair’s unlaundry,
Of an empty room without
Any charge at all.

The words, against the words.
But that he sees not.
The words against the self.
He sees not.

Blinded by narcissism, by that mirror.


Pavel Kiselev

Pavel Kiselev https://thedragonflysflight.blogspot.com/2019/01/pavel-kiselev.html

Only you can translate
where you are
on your voyage through
this varied farce
called “life”.

No one else can dictate
to you…
or should even dare…
how to phrase
your feelings,
your thoughts,
your personal moments.

Who is anyone to
cause another to feel
inept or inferior
for wording their
experiences as they will?

We are all both
audience and poet,
consumed by the
powerful spell of words
and meaning
we are bonded
in ink.

It takes gumption
and courage
to give voice to
your vision of
the world.

It often requires
resilience and nerve
to open your heart
and peel back the
layers of skin,
and let others take
a long look at the
inner workings of YOU.

Be brave,
take courage,
let your soul speak
in its very own

People will read
your words and
listen to the sweet
and thunderous shouts
that flow from pens
and keys
to release the
inner demons and angels
and the lyrical
vines that bloom and live
in our individual

fluidly coursing from
our own rabbit holes
with fortitude and grace
and our neverlands,
where we need never
grow up,

to share with those
that need to see
and hear and feel
and wonder.

-by Mercurychyld

La Ilama ______ Ph.Melania Brescia

Fire from my heart

I can slow down time every time I write.
My heart beats in between each and every line.
What was once a spark has became a flame in my mind,
now I write with the fire from my heart,
leaving all passion on the page.
It’s been this way since I felt my first flame,
and it will never ever change.

I cant seem to get rid of LOVE
The LOVE lives here

______ Ph.Melania Brescia