The human emotions are born from the same abyssal waters, even if on the surface they sometimes appear with wild horses, sometimes with slight ripples.

©️ Tom Bombadil


-excerpt from Assault by Charles Bukowski-

Pain walks through the shadows of this room.
I can feel it in my arms,
I can hear it rattling in my cheap air cooler.

I remember things and get up and walk about.
I can’t stop walking
from one edge of the room to the other.

I was once a man content to be alone.
now I have been broken open,
everything has edges.

they have me – crazed and trapped.

they brought me out of myself.
they are working on me.
the onslaught is furious and relentless
and without sound.

the rivers spill over the dikes.
the sun smells like burnt cheese.
ten thousand faces on the boulevards.
I live with creatures whose existence
has nothing to do with mine.

I keep walking about this room.
I can hardly breathe.

I have given my pain a name.


L’Amore s’Impara

– So what are we going to do?
-The love.
– Perfect, then I undress.
-And why do you take off your clothes?
-To make love.
-And who told you that you have to undress to make love?
-That I know, it does so.
-No, that is not love, that is possession.
– I don’t understand, and how is it done?
-Leave your clothes on and talk until you get tired, until you try to decipher us, until you know everything by heart, until you discover our deepest secrets, until you only melt away looking at us, until these eyes get tired and force me to to sleep.
-And will you try to keep them still open?
– Yeah, just to see you.

Charles Bukowski

“Love, it is learned”